Fibromyalgia is a common cause of chronic pain and fatigue. Immune system dysfunctions have been commonly linked to the causes of fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is characterized by pain and tenderness in muscles, and multiple joints along with stiffness. It can cause severe restriction of movements and even prevent a person from sleeping well by causing pain, stiffness, and discomfort in the joints.

These symptoms can make a person feel tired all the time. This can affect the daytime productivity of patients significantly. Hence, it is important to identify the causes of fibromyalgia and take steps to avoid them.

In this article, we will learn how immune system dysfunctions can trigger fibromyalgia and why it is important to correct these abnormalities to relieve pain and other symptoms of this disease.

How does an abnormal immune system contribute to the causes of Fibromyalgia?

Release of cytokines

A higher level of cytokines released by the immune system has been commonly linked to a higher intensity of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

It has been found that the nervous system and the immune system make use of common signaling molecules for inter and intra-system communications. Both these entities can produce similar forms of non-peptide and peptide transmitters, which act on a set of common receptors.

Cytokines are one such set of signaling molecules, which link the functions of the immune system and nervous system. A wider distribution of cytokine receptors throughout the body entails a higher scope for communication between these systems.

As a result, cytokines released by the immune system can have an effect on the functions of the nervous system, which, in turn, triggers inflammation in the muscles and joints thereby triggering the symptoms and causes of fibromyalgia.

Chronic inflammation in muscles results in severe pain and fatigue in these patients. Hence, it is important to control immune system functions in order to minimize cytokines levels.

Causes of fibromyalgia

Altered cellular responses to mitogenic activators

Research studies have indicated that patients with fibromyalgia tend to have immune system dysfunctions, which lead to an altered cellular response to mitogenic activators. This can affect the expression of immune mediators, including interleukins and cytokines, which have been associated with pathogenesis and causes of fibromyalgia.

The cellular response to mitogenic activators of activated blood mononuclear cells is another factor that has been found to be associated with immune system dysfunctions in patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia.


An abnormal response of the immune system against the body’s own cells and tissues is called autoimmunity. This form of abnormal immune response is known to trigger tissue damage as the immune system is made to attack the healthy cells of the body. This form of damage has been associated with the causes of fibromyalgia due to which patients develop extreme pain and weakness of the muscles.

Researchers have found two autoantibodies, anti-45 kD and anti-68/48 kD, that have been considered to be the potential markers for the clinical subtypes of primary and secondary fibromyalgia, respectively.

The presence of these antibodies in blood samples of patients provides an indication of the role played by an autoimmune response in triggering the causes of fibromyalgia.

The results of several scientific studies have affirmed the role of the immune system in triggering the symptoms and causes of fibromyalgia. Hence, taking steps to correct the underlying immune system abnormalities is highly recommended to relieve the pain and other symptoms of this condition.

BioPro-Plus is an effective immunity-boosting supplement that patients can use to help control fibromyalgia symptoms. This supplement has the potential to correct underlying abnormalities of the immune system thereby controlling the release of cytokines and antibodies. This can help to provide significant relief to patients and even inhibit further progress of the condition. This will also improve their daytime productivity and improve their quality of life.

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