We are back with another collection of 5 alternative health sites from trusted sources. This week, we have 5 amazing sites with resources on holistic health.

A holistic treatment approach tries to address the health issues of a person as a whole. Humans are multidimensional beings and need to improve our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health in order to be healthy in a holistic way.


5 Holistic Health Sites from Trusted Sources:

The concept of holistic health depends on improving lifestyle. It’s actually a way of life for better health and wellness. Below we have 5 sites that have more information and resources on holistic health.


1. Ivy Rose Holistic:

flowerIvy Rose Holistic contains information on many different approaches and aspects of health and well-being. It’s an information-packed website developed by researchers and students of holistic health. There are many sections in this website offering research-based news and information on the latest developments in health and medical science that will benefit both, general readers interested in this field and also students and professionals.

Articles we like from Ivy Rose:


2. Holistic Health Tools:

Holistic Health Tools puts together a comprehensive knowledge base on holistic health. As you browse through this site, you’ll find tools and resources that will help you to lead a happy and healthy life with the latest news, articles and helpful suggestions from experts.

Articles we like from Healthy Holistic Living:


3. Mental Healthy:

Mental Healthy deals with a very important aspect of holistic health. They will help you with a wide range of mental disorders like eating disorders, depression, and addiction and also help you find local counseling as well as online counseling. Their expert staff members are also there to help you with your mental state as well as provide you with tips and advice for living a healthier lifestyle. In addition, their knowledge base and articles will surely enlighten you and help you improve your mental health.

Articles we like from Mental Health:


4. Alive:

Alive Publishing Group Inc. (APG) is an online magazine that provides resources for natural health and wellness to millions of people around the world.  This is a digital version of a popular and reputed health magazine published in Canada.

Articles we like from Alive:


5. American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA):

American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA)fruits is an institute for people who want to build a career in the health and fitness industry. They have trainers, instructors, and experts in 20 different health and fitness fields such as physical training, nutrition, yoga, and pilates instructors. Although this website is aimed towards health professionals, their blogs and resources will benefit anyone interested in health and fitness.

Articles we like from the AFPA


Hope you liked our collection this week. These are really informative sites with tons of information and resources on holistic health, make sure to visit these sites, it will surely inspire you to live a healthier life. We’ll be back again next week with another collection of awesome alternative health sites. Until next time, stay well and stay healthy!

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts  


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