Hey all, it’s countdown time again. This week, we have another great topic. Our topic of the Top 5 Alternative Health of the Week is Holistic and Integrated Medicine.

We have another great countdown this week. It’s on a very important topic, holistic and integrated medicine. As always, our countdown is based on Alexa ranking and quality of the sites. (Check out our previous countdown: Top 5 Herbal Medicine Sites)

Top 5 Holistic and Integrated Medicine Sites

Holistic medicine is a hot topic among medical practitioners today. Holistic practitioners attempt to treat a patient as a whole. They not only endeavour to treat the physical health of a patient but also the mental and spiritual health.

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Many of the mainstream doctors integrate complementary and holistic medicine into their practice because they believe that holistic & integrated medicines help heal a patient faster. They’ve found that some critical patients find comfort and reinforcement with these therapies while receiving complicated treatments like chemotherapy or radiation.

Below are the top 5 holistic and integrated medicine sites of the week.    

Site # 5: Holistic Health Tools

Holistic Health Tools gives you several tools to learn about holistic medicine, just as the name suggests. As you already know, a holistic approach addresses the whole person – body, mind, spirit and emotions, and therefore, they cover a lot more ground. Natural remedies and supplements are an integral part of holistic health, but they also have information on controlling emotions and anxiety through natural alternative methods.

Articles  we like from Holistic Health Tools

Site # 4: Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine

yogaDr. Hamer’s German New Medicine is an unusual alternative health site, owned by Dr. Hamer from Germany. He has learned through his life experience that there is a relationship between our psyche and our physical wellbeing. He also discovered through his extensive research that one can get sick if they suffered from an unexpected shock, distress or trauma. This site contains blog articles, thesis, and interviews from alternative health practitioners, especially dealing with holistic treatments.

Articles we like from Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine

Site # 3: Southern Botanicals

Southern Botanical is a simple site which is easy to navigate. It provides information and quality nutritional and herbal products to detox, nourish or support your body with its functions. They highlight products with natural, organic and wild-crafted ingredients and products.  

Blogs we like from Southern Botanicals


Site # 2: Baseline of Health


Baseline of Health was founded by Jon Barron, an expert in Natural Health Remedies & Dietary Supplements. He has 40 years of experience in the alternative medicine field. His specialty lies in traditional Chinese medicine and medicine from the Amazon, which he made available to the public. His site reflects his wealth of knowledge in the alternative field.

Articles we liked from Baseline of Health


Site # 1:  Andrew Weil

Dr. Andrew Weil is our winner of this week’s countdown. He is a Medical Doctor, and author of the book Healthy Aging. He believes in holistic medicines, which treats a person’s body, mind and spirit. His website contains resources for maintaining healthy living based on the philosophy of integrative medicine. You’ll find resources for research, studies, and also general health and diet questions and answers.

Articles we like from Dr. Andrew Weil


Hope you enjoyed our selection this week. As you know, we do one of these top 5 alternative health sites every week, based on Alexa ranking, in alphabetical order, and we will touch on every category in the alternative health realm.  We’ll be back again next week with another countdown, in a different category, so making sure you check that out too. Until next time, take care!

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