Hi all, today we have another great countdown for you. This week, we have one of the most popular and diverse category of alternative health, it’s Herbal Medicine.  

Herbs are one of the most commonly used and ancient form of medicine around the world. Many of the ancient healers like the traditional Chinese healers and yogis in India studied and discovered the healing power these herbs. In this issue, we are going to present to you Top 5 Herbal Medicine Cites, based on quality and Alexa ranking,  in alphabetical order.  (Checkout our last week’s countdown: Top 5 Alternative Health Sites of the Week Issue # 37)

Top 5 Herbal Medicine Sites

Herbal medicines or botanical medicines are natural treatments based on plants. In Medicine, any part of the pant can be used to treat disease, either externally or as a dietary supplement. Herbal medicine is probably one of the oldest forms of medicine practiced around the world.

Herbal medicine’s therapeutic effects are mostly without side effects, and include a wide variety of plants and their various parts such as seeds, roots, leaves, bark, flowers and so on. They can have interactions with some medications, so be sure to check with a qualified practitioner before taking herbal supplements.

Below are top five sites that deal with herbal treatments, herbology or herbalism.   

Site # 5: The Herb Society of America

The Herb Society of America (HAS) is a 501(c)(3) organization with a focus on education. They have extensive knowledge base on history, uses, cultivation and study of herbs. They offer learning facilities and online benefits for their members. Anyone who wishes to grow, sell or process herbs, or herb related products can become a member of this site.  

Articles we like from The Herb Society of America

Site # 4: Homemade Medicine

Homemade Medicine is run by Charles Silverman, a certified naturopathic doctor. He decided to share his knowledge and 18 years’ worth of experience through this website. He believes that everyone deserves a safe and cost effective treatment. His site has a huge collection of remedies and a wide variety of herbal solutions for men, women and children.

Blogs we like from Homemade Medicine


Site # 3: Alternative Nature

The owner and editor of Alternative Nature is Karen Shelton. Karen is a self-taught herbalist, and she hasn’t had any formal education or training in herbology. However, she has a huge database of herbs and flowers, with pictures, on her site. She can even help you locate and identify various herbs, plants and seeds in the wild.

Articles we like form Alternative Nature


Site # 2: Henriette’s Herb

mushroomHenriette Kress is the owner of Henriette’s Herb. She is an herbalist in Helsinki, Finland. She was introduced to herbology at a very early age by her grandmother. As a young herbologist, she learned how a yellow flower of St. John’s Wort would turn green when crushed. She has also earned her M. Sc. (Econ), from the Helsinki University, Finland. Her site is both, informative and attractive.

Blogs we like from Henriette’s Herb

Site # 1: Herbal Legacy

We have a winner this week, and our winner of this week’s countdown is – the amazingly simple and yet informative site, Herbal Legacy.

Herbal Legacy was established by Dr. John R. Christopher. He built this site so that people can find more information about herbal medicine, particularly about the formulas that he had created. One of his main goals was to create an herbologist in every home.   

Articles we like from Herbal Legacy


These were really amazing herbology sites. Hope you enjoyed them. Make sure to check out their resources. Make sure to come back next week for another wonderful issue of top 5 alternative health sites countdown. Until then, take care.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts.

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