If breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, then check out this Hearty Omelet recipe which works as a filling meal any time of day!

Why do we tend to only think of using eggs at breakfast time? Eggs are such fantastic sources of protein, good cholesterol and a whole host of important vitamins, that we should consider using them for any meal. If you need some inspiration on how to adapt eggs into a hearty lunch or dinner, continue reading!

You may have been scared off eating eggs due to their cholesterol content, but this type of advice is very out-of-date. Cholesterol is essential to our health, particularly for cell membrane structure, hormone production and bile production for healthy digestion. And, it has been found that good HDL cholesterol increases, the more eggs you eat. Before contemplating switching to a low cholesterol diet, first consider if you are truly in a risk group and whether you will genuinely benefit from a reduced cholesterol diet.

“A wellness group with the University of California reported findings that suggest only 15% to 25% of the population may have sensitivity to cholesterol intake. Aside from those that may have sensitivity such as type 2 diabetics, the majority of the population is minimally impacted by cholesterol in food.” Dr. Jockers

Other benefits of eggs that shouldn’t be overlooked are their contributions to eye health, assistance with weight loss, role in maintaining liver function, impact on brain health, ability to boost your immune system and ability to keep our skin healthy.

Don’t forget that cheap eggs raised by battery hens; or hens kept in small cages, kept in lighted rooms to induce accelerated laying and given feed full of hormones, antibiotics and GMO ingredients; are not the healthy eggs we’re talking about. Do eggs from these poor creatures sound healthy to you? Eggs from hens allowed to roam free (not usually just “free-range”) and naturally graze are the healthiest of all. Basic free-range eggs (just be sure to check the label) may not be any healthier if the hens are simply removed from cages but still remain in these appalling conditions. Pasture raised hen operations are the best to support and will give you the best quality eggs, which are scientifically proven to be of greater health benefit.

“One reason (some) eggs are such a heart-healthy food option is due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids. Free-range eggs (taken from hens raised on a pasture, rather than in battery cages) have double the amount of omega-3s than cage-raised eggs. They also have more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff than cage-raised eggs, but more on that later. Omega-3 fatty acids, consumed as part of a healthy diet, lower blood triglycerides and help regulate and lower cholesterol. (3)” Dr. Axe

Why not try this hearty omelet recipe packed full of veggies and savory flavor for any meal!

Click here for printable recipe!

hearty omelet health benefits of eggs

Hearty Omelet Recipe for any Meal


5 Pasture raised eggs
½ Bunch Scallions
½ Bunch Spinach
½ Bunch Kale
5 Mushrooms
2 Tbsp grass fed butter
1 Tbsp Soy or Tamari (Gluten free) Sauce
Sea salt & black pepper to taste
Walnuts & pine nuts as a garnish (optional)


Chop the scallions, mushrooms and roughly chop the spinach and kale. Set these aside for a moment.

Crack the eggs and whisk them in a bowl with a few tbsp of water and desired sea salt and black pepper.

Melt 1 tbsp of butter in a frying pan on low-medium heat and when the pan is well-coated, pour in the egg mixture. Place a lid on the pan and allow the eggs to cook until they look set enough that you may flip them but not so well-cooked that the bottom will burn (about 4 minutes).

Gently move spatula around the edges and when it’s firm enough, flip the omelet and turn off the heat.

Melt 1 tbsp butter in a second pan on low-medium heat and add in the mushrooms. Sauté gently for 1 minute and add in the soy or tamari sauce.

Next, add in the scallion and stir for about 1 minute. Then add the spinach and kale and only cook enough to gently wilt them.

Plate the egg and place the greens mixture on one half and fold the egg over. Garnish with walnuts and pine nuts.


Click here for printable recipe!

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