We’ve all been through times when we feel sick. Our whole body aches, we can’t breathe, and we have a hot forehead. Here are 9 ways you can start to feel better.    

When you feel sick, nothing feels right. You feel too tired to go down to the doctor’s office or to the drugstore for help, and everyone around you is also blowing their noses. It’s not unusual for people to become sick when the season changes, especially if they have a weak immune system.

You may be feeling terrible at the moment, but there is hope.  We’re going to give you some home remedies that will make you feel a whole lot better.

1. Keep Yourself Warm:

When you get sick, your body can lose a lot of energy trying to fight germs; and so, you can feel colder than normal. Try to put on some warm cloths, or get under a blanket to stay warm.

2. Stay Hydrated:

hot teaDrink plenty of water and liquids. Hydration will boost your health, it will help you flush out your systems, get rid of germs and help you recover fast. Liquids also decongest your chest, clear out your respiratory tracts, loosen up mucus and help you breathe easier.

3. Avoid Hard Work:

Don’t do anything; avoid any physical stress, and relax. Being sick uses up a lot of energy, so, get complete rest and avoid going out until you feel strong again.

4. Take Naps:

Naps actually help you recover faster. Although it might be difficult to fall asleep while you are sick, try using some of these other tips that help you relax and go to bed early. If you have a cold or a viral flu, it is most likely to go away on its own when you are properly rested.

5. Use a Heating Pad:

You might find it easier to keep your feet or your stomach warm with a heating pad when it’s hurting. Even a hot tub will help you relax and stay warm, especially if you are suffering from cramps or pains.

6. Take a Shower:

A warm shower would help you wash away your germs, sooth your body and help you relax. If you are stuffed up, it can help you loosen up a congested chest and nostrils, and help you breathe easy again. You’ll surely sleep better after a relaxing hot shower before bed.

7. Include Cold Fighting Foods:

hot soup Some superfoods are amazing in boosting your immune system and getting rid of the cold virus fast. Some of the disease fighting superfoods are green tea, honey, orange juice, ginger, garlic, turmeric, clove, cinnamon,  apples and chicken soup. Basically, many nutritious food will boost your immune system. Particularly, vitamin C rich foods and spices are strong immune boosters and cold fighters. They also help you open up your respiratory system and breathe easier.  

Warning: If you feel that your symptoms are too strong, consult your doctor immediately, especially In case of children or elderly persons, because they are most susceptible to germs.

Hope these cold remedies will help you feel better during your next cold or flu. Remember that cold is contagious and it spreads through contact. So, wash your hands often, avoid direct contact with your sick neighbors and keep your house clean.

A clean and healthy lifestyle would help you stay healthy and away from diseases. However, if you are over the age of 40, a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet is not enough to keep your immune system strong. You may need a natural immune boosting supplement for optimal immune system performance. Check out our Immune Booster BioPro-Plus, with the highest concentration of 5 purified Thymic Proteins on the market.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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