Hello everyone, we have another great countdown for you this week. This week our topic for the Top 5 Alternative Health Sites of the Week is Folk Medicine.

If you step outside our mainstream medicine world, there is a whole world of alternative medicine. Some of you are already familiar with some of the popular alternative health methods like Ayurveda and yoga. However, you may not be familiar with some of the “not so popular” methods that can even seem a little unusual.

Every week, we bring forward five alternative sites from a unique category of alternative health. We have  based our countdown on quality and Alexa Ranking. We are going to touch on every category of alternative health in alphabetical order.  In this issue, we are going to present the top 5 sites from the Folk Medicine category.

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Top 5 sites from the Folk Medicine category

Folk medicine in various forms is well known and practiced around the world. A lot of these folk medicines are ancient traditional medicines. People developed these medicines over the generations through experience. Some of these home remedies are effective and some of them are purely psychological.

Below are top sites from the Fold Medicine category. These sites are loaded with information and resources.

Site #5: Home Remedies Web

cranberries Home Remedies Web is a wonderful reliable site for finding hundreds of free home remedies. It contains natural cures and herbal remedies from all around the world. You’ll find it easy to navigate around the site to find information and articles on home remedies and products.

Articles we like from Home Remedies Web


Site #4: My Home Remedies

My Home Remedies  is a database of home remedies submitted by readers, listed in alphabetical order. This site allows anyone to submit home remedies for common illnesses. This site reviews all home remedies that the readers submits, and publishes them if they find it suitable and informative. However, the site states that these remedies are not to be used to treat any diseases without a doctor’s consent.

Articles we like from My Home Remedies


Site #3: Simple Remedies

Simple Remedies contains hundreds of articles on a wide variety of health topics, natural solutions, beauty tips and common home remedies for men and women. It has great articles on a wide variety of topics from haircare to treating heartburn.  

Articles we like from Simple Remedies


Site #2: Home Remedies for You

alternative medicine
Home Remedies for You makes lots of information available for you in the form of articles and slideshows. You’ll also find blogs, questions and answers, an A-Z list of home remedies and recipes. You’ll also find yoga instructions, articles on herbs, vitamins, health tips, and a list of specialists.

Articles we like from Home Remedies for You


Site #1:  Top 10 Home Remedies

It’s time to announce our winner – our winner this week is Top 10 Home Remedies. This site is packed with information. It covers a wide range of topics, including news & facts, recipes, DIY products, how-to, home remedies, kitchen ingredients, superfoods and much more.

Articles we like from Top 10 Home Remedies


flowers Hope you liked our countdown this week. Do you agree with our list? We’d appreciate your thoughts on this article or any other article you’ve read on our site. Next week we’ll have another countdown of top 5 sites in a different category, so comeback and check it out as well.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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