We are bombarded by toxic substances every day. There are toxins in our food, the air we breathe, the water we drink and also in many of the products we use every day. Reducing these toxins and detoxing ourselves can help us boost our immune system.

Our immune system is a complex process through which we fight pathogens. The Immune system consists of several organs, glands, tissues and cells that must function properly for optimal immune function. Detoxing your body helps to remove toxins, often stored over a long period of time, and will immediately improve your health and boost your immune system.


5 Ways to detox and boost your immune system

Your immune system works best when your body is clean. It has less work to do when no toxins are present, and can fight a stronger battle against germs. To detox the body basically means to cleanse out anything that your body or cells do not need.  It can be a harmful substance or anything that may prevent cells from functioning properly.  Below are 5 simple ways to cleanse and detox your body naturally.


1. Drink Warm Lemon Water

detox with lemon water Drink lemon water when you wake up in the morning or anytime of the day. Lemon water is excellent for breaking down unwanted toxins and helping your body to move them out of your body. It is a natural diuretic; it cleanses your urinary tract, detoxes the liver, and boosts immune function with the nutrients in it.  


2. Detox with Pure Water

Water is one of the best ways to take toxins out of the body. Drink plenty of pure water and flush out toxins. When I say pure water, I mean pure water; try to avoid coffee, carbonated water or sugary drinks. Almost all basic functions of the body need water, and pure water is the easiest for your body to absorb. You can get rid of toxins through your bodily fluids such as urine and sweat.


3. Breathe Clean Air

Breathing clean air can reduce your exposure to toxins. Although you have no control over the environment, you can easily improve your indoor air quality or work place environment with plants. Keep your home and workplace clean and dust free; keep ventilation and heating systems clean. Service your air conditioning and replace your air ducts and air filters regularly. Smoke, fumes, mildew, pet hair, mold, and microorganisms can cause the air in your home to become toxic.


4. Choose the Right Food

One excellent way to detox your body is through foods. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, and algae in your diet. Superfoods like cilantro, blue-green algae and alfalfa can get rid of toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Fasting is also an effective way to detox, so it’s not only what you eat but how you eat your food. If you eat only liquid foods and avoid solids for at least 12 hours, it can greatly reduce the toxic levels in your body.


5. Exercise and Meditation

meditationRegular physical workouts and meditation boost your immune system and your overall health. Working out a sweat will help you get rid of toxins more easily. The body can get rid of toxins like arsenic, mercury, cadmium and so on through sweat.

Meditation also improves your blood circulation, your cardiovascular system and boosts your metabolism. Exercising and meditation is also great for reducing stress and anxiety. Overall, it improves your bodily functions and helps you stay healthier.



Try these methods regularly in your daily life, make them a part of your lifestyle and I’m sure you’ll see results very soon!

You can also help to “free up” your immune system by ridding your body of lingering viruses and other pathogens. By taking an immune boosting supplement, such as one that helps your body correctly identify disease in order to kill it, can give your system a chance to fight new threats. Read what one customer said about how taking our bioidentical protein immune system supplement, BioPro-Plus, changed her life.

Source: Alternative Health Concepts


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