Prescription drugs are often made with synthetic chemicals known to cause side effects. These side effects can vary from simple allergies to serious long term damage to our health.

Almost any prescription medication or over the counter medicine may have some undesirable side effects. The intensity and the nature of the side effect may vary from medicine to medicine and person to person.


Physical weakness, malnutrition and vitamin deficiency can add to your health problems and can cause a delay in recovery from diseases. The most commonly reported side effects for prescription drugs are nausea and stomach irritation. Below we will discuss different types of prescription drug side effects in more details.


Types of Prescription Drug Side Effects:

drugs There are a large number of people who suffer from side effects of prescription drugs. Llong term prescription drug side effects can be fatal. It makes us wonder why medications that are intended to treat diseases are so dangerous and why they are still allowed in the market.


Side effects of prescription medication can be categorized into several types and are given below:

Allergic Reaction:

Allergic reaction to a drug can range from itching and rashes to a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction.


Altering internal chemical balance

Some drugs interfere with internal chemical reactions because of their chemical structure. For example, a commonly used drug for cold and allergy symptoms is also known to cause drowsiness, dry mouth, and a bunch of other symptoms.


Long Term Side Effects

medication Some drugs do not show any immediate noticeable side effects but can cause serious damage to your health in the long run. For example, drugs used for blood clot prevention can also cause internal bleeding in the long run.


Side effects can also occur if certain types of drugs are mixed together. These may be caused by drug interactions or due to narcotic abuse, painkillers or alcohol abuse. Overdose of both painkillers and alcohol has raised the number of accidental death in the USA to an alarming rate.  


Prescription and Over the Counter Drug Abuse

Just like street drugs, prescription drugs can also be abused if taken more than recommended or over the prescribed dosage. Abusing prescription drugs or over the counter drugs can also have serious consequences on your health.


Most commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

There are three types of prescription drugs that are most commonly abused or taken more than doctor’s recommend.


Prescribed to treat severe or chronic pain (oxycontin, Percocet, morphine)


Usually prescribed for ADD or ADHD (dextroamphetamine, Ritalin, Phentermin)


Prescribed to treat anxiety or sleep disorders (Valium, Xanax, clonazepam)


Serious Side Effects:

medication In addition to common side effects, some drugs may have serious long or short term side effects. If a drug has many serious problems, the FDA can require a warning label.

Serious side effects include:

  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Heart Diseases


Common Side effects include:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Allergies



Is it worth taking medication if the cure is worse than the disease? Some of the side effects are immediate, dangerous and life threatening, others are not so obvious or immediate. However, almost all drugs cause side effects and can be even more dangerous if taken more than prescribed dosage, mixed with other substances like alcohol, over the counter medicines or street drugs. Always learn about your medication and consult your doctor.  Stay safe, and stay healthy!

You may also want to consider trying natural treatments first, and only taking prescriptions if absolutely necessary. If the root cause of a symptom can be found, this can be addressed instead of simply covering up the symptom and causing unwanted side-effects.

The root cause could be a nutritional deficiency which, when aleviated, solves all sorts of other health issues!

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts


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