After a long, cozy winter indoors, springtime is inviting us to get out of our rut and move our bodies once again. In a state-by-state breakdown, the U.S. CDC reports that as much as 47% of us do little to no physical activity in our average days. This has clear implications for our immune systems, our weight and our strength, and even our longevity. Yet many people find it hard to stick with a traditional workout routine because they find it boring or too monotonous. The following creative outdoor workouts will get you re-inspired to chase after your fitness goals and get moving in exciting, new ways.

Why Fitness Matters

It’s not just about weight loss, improving your flexibility, or getting stronger. Regular exercise this spring can help to:

  • Flush bacteria from your lungs, helping to reduce your risks of catching a cold and similar illnesses
  • Improve blood flow, helping to carry important immune cells to where they need to go
  • Move your lymphatic fluids, which are a key part of your immune system
  • Warm up your body temperature, making your body less hospitable to invading pathogens
  • Reduce stress and improve sleep, which have a big impact on your immune strength

This makes exercise a powerful add-on to your immunity-boosting plan, along with BioPro Plus-500!

3 Creative Outdoor Workouts to Re-Inspire Your Excitement For Exercise

1. Sign Up For a Challenge

Why go for a boring run around the block when you can make it a challenge? Researchers say that adding an element of competition is one of the best exercise motivation boosters.

This could be a team sport, such as a recreational soccer league, or you can get truly creative with challenges that inspire you, push you, or make you laugh.

For example, you could sign up for a team-building obstacle course race, such as Tough Mudder or the Warrior Dash.

For something a little more low key, many cities and towns host color runs (where you race through plumes of color powder), bubble runs (which are exactly what the name suggests), or even zombie runs.

2. Beach Workouts

Head to the lake or coast, and between relaxing and catching up on your favorite beach reads, you can hit the sand for a workout. Great examples including jogging, running, or bodyweight exercises like push-ups and burpees. You’ll be outside enjoying the invigorating fresh air and sunshine, and the sand itself adds a nice challenge to your exercise.

“Sand-based exercises [are] a more effective workout while remaining gentle on the joints,” says personal trainer Minna Herskowitz in an interview with Alive magazine, adding that it creates resistance that activates more muscles while also creating a gently unstable surface that improves your flexibility, agility, and stability.

“Sand makes it difficult to walk, so imagine how hard it is to perform a 40 yard [37] dash at full speed,” she explains. “If [athletes] can train on a surface that makes it harder to sprint, they will run that much faster on a stable surface like the track.”

3. Embrace Your Inner Child

Ever wanted to re-connect with your inner child? Play isn’t just for kids anymore. From trampoline parks to outdoor “playgrounds” designed for playful adults, exercise can be fun. Literally!

Even a traditional playground gives you great opportunities to workout while you’re hanging with your children. For instance, monkey bars are perfect for chin-ups and pull-ups.

Whatever options you go with, the best option is the one that inspires you to move your body regularly. Your body, mind, and immune system will thank you this spring!


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