Hello and welcome to another top 5 alternative health sites countdown. We’ll look at the top five sites in the Color Therapy category.

We are back with another issue of top 5 Alternative Health sites countdown. Every week, we bring forward 5 sites from a unique category in the alternative health world, in alphabetical order. Our countdown is based on Alexa ranking, and quality of the site. Last week, we highlighted top 5 sites from the Life Coaching category. This week we will focus on color therapy healing.

Top 5 Color Therapy Sites Based on Alexa Ranking

Light and color can affect a person’s mood and also mental and physical health. Color therapy healing, also known as chromotherapy, is a holistic healing technique that uses visible lights and colors to treat a person’s special medical condition.

Although color therapy is a relatively unusual field, there are various procedures in practice. It’s also linked with energy related to each of the colors and the therapeutic effects of art on our body and mind.

Below, let’s look at the top 5 sites in color therapy based on Alexa Ranking:  

Site #5:  Vibrational Energy Medicine 

peacock colorVibrational Energy Medicine is run by Anne Christine Tooley, a graduate from Samassati School of Holographic Healing. This website is based on the principle that all matter is made of fundamental particles that vibrate at a certain frequency. Studies have shown that light is also made up of particles, and it consists of a spectrum of visible light that also has several energy levels and frequencies.

Each color resonates with our emotions and feelings. This site gives you information on how to balance opposite energy. This site also tries to bring balance in your life through different vibrations and energy of colors.  

Blogs we like from Vibrational Energy Medicine 

Site #4: Sunlighten – Empowering Wellness

The main focus of the company Sunlighten has been on bringing together technology and vitality. They have manufactured saunas with infrared heating systems. Their website is also packed with information on holistic healing; among them, there are some excellent blogs on color therapy.

Blogs we like from Empowering Wellness

Site #3: Colour Therapy Healing

Colour Therapy Healing offers comprehensive knowledge about color therapy healing, including its history and methods. They also offer courses and workshops, excellent for learning various aspects of color therapy healing.


Blogs we like from Colour Therapy Healing

Site #2: Get Self Help

Get Self Help is based in the United Kingdom. The primary objective of this site is to inform the in-patients of Albecq Ward and other service users at the Castel Hospital, about various health conditions and treatments.

This site covers a lot of ground with its downloadable MP3s, PDFs, free self-help information and solutions for its users.

Blogs we like from   Get Self Help

Site #1: Art Therapy

color therapy fishWe are pleased to announce that Art Therapy is our winner of this week’s countdown. This website brings forward resources, concepts, ideas and activities that explore the world of creativity and the arts as a catalyst of healing and therapy.

Blogs we like from the Art Therapy

Hope you liked our collection of this week’s top 5 alternative sites. It was from an unusual category, color therapy, but it has a long history of development, and it’s backed by plenty of clinical research. I’d recommend anyone to learn more about these techniques and I’m sure anyone can benefit from them.

Next week we’ll be back with another top 5 alternative health sites countdown in a different category, so make sure to check us out.  Thanks for reading our blogs. Until next time, stay well – goodbye for now!

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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