Celiac disease and your immune system are inextricably linked. This is due to the fact that celiac disease is caused by a weakness in… you guessed it, your immune system.

We as a people have been adapting our modern environment over time to better suit our needs but these changes aren’t always healthy for us. We focus mainly on making our lives easier, tasks faster and fulfilling all of our desires at the snap of our fingers. Some of these adaptations have lead to unforeseen consequences to our health, allergies and autoimmune disease being two of them.

There are a growing number of allergies and autoimmune diseases out there and the frequency of having these conditions seems to be increasing at a rapid pace. If you are over the age of 40, you might struggle to think of more than one or two people in your childhood that had these conditions. These days, we all probably know people with one issue or another. Many people have spring and summer pollen allergies with barely noticeable symptoms. But there are also more severe ones requiring medical attention.

Some of the more worrying and potentially dangerous allergies are food allergies. These also have a wide variety of symptom intensity. One example is the peanut allergy with symptoms presenting immediately after someone besides you eat some nuts. On the other side, there are allergies that might cause slight stomach upset. The difficulty with the prolonged and milder symptoms are… are they just part of life or the signs of a food allergy or autoimmune disease?

We tend to neglect small symptoms. Partially it is because, as we grew up, we learned that these symptoms sometimes go away. The other reason is, we do not want to go to the doctor for every “little thing”.

But today, public awareness of food allergies and autoimmune diseases, their causes and risks are much higher than even a decade ago. There are many studies and a great deal of research looking to help ease the symptoms, if not alleviate the conditions altogether.

These conditions are often triggered by proteins found in certain foods. There are many different proteins in our diets and proteins are essential for a proper functioning of our bodies. Unfortunately, some of them can cause undesired effects. And yes, one of them is gluten.

Celiac Disease and Your Immune System

Estimates are that 0.01% of the population has celiac disease. That is 1 in every 1000 people. One reason for this is that we’re seeing more widespread and everyday use of the substances that triggers it than ever before.

Gluten is found in grains like wheat, barley, and rye, and many processed foods and beverages are made from them. Gluten is what is responsible for the elasticity of dough. But, unfortunately, it is what you need to eliminate from your diet if you have celiac disease.

The first symptoms of celiac disease may begin at any age. Many people will say “How can I be allergic to bread? I have been eating it my whole life…” and that is why we mustn’t overlook the symptoms. The types and symptoms of immune system diseases can sometimes take a long time to notice, but if we catch and treat the condition in time, we can improve the quality of our lives and reduce the possibility of causing more health issues.

celiac disease and your immune system

What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease, though the symptoms and treatment are similar to allergies. Autoimmune means that the immune system becomes overactive or confused and starts attacking healthy cells. Celiac disease causes your immune system to look like a situation where you have a soldier shooting his own troops just because he doesn’t know which are his own. This is exactly what happens with celiac disease.

During digestion, gluten provokes a strong immune reaction, which in return attacks small finger-like villies in the small intestine. Those villies are actually shapes in the small intestine which increases the surface of the interior wall of the intestine and improves the nutrient absorption from food.

Due to Celiac Disease, your immune system attacks those villies. They damage them and reduce their size and number which leads to painful intestinal damage and malnutrition. Besides malnutrition, as mentioned on www.celiac.org, celiac disease can also trigger other autoimmune disorders as well.

The solution is to change to a gluten-free diet. Perhaps this sounds straightforward, but gluten is found in many widely used grains, prepared foods and beverages. Therefore it may be difficult to exclude it out of your diet entirely. Sometimes even small amounts of gluten can be harmful so great attention must be taken to finding foods that are gluten-free.

Can a Stronger Immune System Fight off Celiac Disease?

Since it is an autoimmune disease, boosting the immune system may sound like the last thing you want to do. Then again, suppressing the immune system opens the door to another set of problems. We do not want to open the door to other opportunistic infections and diseases.

How do we boost our immune system without worrying that we’ll make the symptoms worse?

It may sound like a catch 22 situation but there actually is a right way to boost your immune system without worsening the symptoms and actually reducing the chance for autoimmune response overall. This can be done by adding Thymic Proteins to your diet.

Adding Thymic Proteins to your diet is like putting that confused soldier back into boot camp to help him better decipher between dangerous and healthy cells.

Thymic Proteins – How They Help

Thymic proteins are normally produced in the human body, but through aging, their production slowly decreases. By adding back these proteins, we are improving our immune system, not just by constantly boosting it but by modulating it. The inclusion of 5 Thymic Proteins in BioPro-Plus, helps to allow the immune system a normal up and down function, helping to avoid overstimulation. But, unlike some other supplements, this blend of Thymic Proteins are not only making our immune system stronger, they also make it smarter.

An in-depth research study into how Thymic Proteins improve symptoms of autoimmune disease shows that this is a true improvement of the immune system. In this way, we are creating a healthy immune system which has more “skills” in deciphering the healthy cells from those we need protection from. Learn more about Thymic Proteins: How to Boost Your Immune System.

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