This is going to be another amazing issue. We have selected five sites that are full of amazing articles and resources for you to boost immune system naturally.  


Hello everyone, we are back with another great digest for you. In this issue we have selected five sites with amazing information on how to boost your immune system naturally. As you may already know, your immune system plays an important role in fighting off germs. It gives you the ability to resist and fight germs by the action of antibodies. With a strong immune system, you will get sick less often, and will not need some of the medication like antibiotics to stay healthy.


Boost your Immune System Naturally

There are simple ways to boost your immune system just by making some lifestyle and dietary changes. You can also add a natural immune boosting supplement to the equation to make it even more effective. Below are 5 alternative health sites with information on how to boost your immune system naturally.


1. Micro-Body-Green

lettuceMicro-body-green is a lifestyle electronic media that helps you to live a healthy and well-balanced life. They bring together authentic information to help you improve your mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental well-being.

Articles we like from Micro-Body-Green


2. Small Footprint Family

Small Footprint Family is another website that empowers and inspires you with the tools and ideas to help you live a healthy and sustainable life. They also believe in educating and creating a sustainable world for the next generations to come. They emphasize natural health and green living through their resources and tips.

Articles we like from Small Footprint Family


3. Kula Mama

Kula Mama is a site designed and run by Heather Haynes, MA, a family wellness educator and holistic nutritionist. She is passionate about helping families incorporate holistic health and nutrition practices into their everyday lives for better health.

Articles we like from Kula Mama


4. Heal Naturally

natural remediesHeal Naturally is published by Realnatural, Inc. They are passionate about helping others to heal their bodies and minds and also motivate people to make this planet better. This site has lots of information in various forms such as books, articles, links and webinars.

Articles we like from Heal Naturally


5. Organic Facts

Organic Facts is run by a small team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about health and nutrition. They provide unbiased, credible and well researched information on different food items, organic food, health and nutrition, and also provide information on different aspects of organic living. They cover a wide variety of topics on their website, such as tips on cosmetics, gardening and organic food stores.

Articles we like from Organic Facts


So that was all we had for you in this issue. Hope you’ll benefit from the sites listed on here. Please put your comments below if these sites were helpful for you.

P.S: Alternative health is all about holistic health that focuses on our body mind and soul, and not just symptoms. 

If you have tried adjusting your diet and lifestyle and still can’t achieve the level of health you hoped for, you may need to add supplements to your diet. Particularly if you’re over the age of 40, your body no longer creates the proteins essential to training your immune system to correctly identify disease. 

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