Seasonal Recipes: Dragonfruit, Dandelion and Jackfruit — Oh My!

Earlier this week, we shared how seasonal summer produce is nutritionally superior, plus three very unique summer fruits and veggies ...
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Can Bacteria Like Bifidobacteria Be Healthy For Our Body?

Bacteria are known to be harmful to our health, but is this the whole story? Bacteria can cause infections and ...
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Taste of Summer: 3 Unique Seasonal Foods to Try

Eating seasonally — enjoying fruits and vegetables when they're at their peak ripeness and freshness, instead of food that's grown ...
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2021 Recap: Our Best Immune Recipes to Date

Every week, we share thematic meal plans that give you a full day's worth of delicious immunity-boosting recipes. Now that ...
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The Role Of Bacteriophages In Maintaining Health

There has been a lot of research related to bacteriophages and the role they play in improving the health of ...
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health lessons

Mid-Year Recap: 2021’s Biggest Health Lessons

It's been a whirlwind year so far, with countless healthcare breakthroughs, eye-opening research, and social changes related to the pandemic ...
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camping recipes

Fuel Up for the Outdoors: 3 Delicious Camping Recipes

Earlier this week, we discussed the surprising health benefits of camping, including significant improvements in your immune health, mental health, ...
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Are Viral Mutations Beneficial For Human Health?

The term ‘viral mutation’ is often referred to as something threatening to our health. When a virus undergoes mutations, it ...
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4 Surprising Benefits of Summer Camping

Last year, an estimated 48.2 million American households went camping — approximately 39% of households in the United States. Of ...
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Hydrating Watermelon Recipes: Delicious Recipes to Stay Hydrated and Cool

Earlier this week, we talked about how important hydration is for your immune function, especially during the hot summer season ...
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Stay Hydrated During Summer Heatwaves: How Hydration Impacts Your Immune System and Wellness

Heatwaves recently swept Canada and the United States' Pacific Northwest, breaking historic heat records, triggering massive wildfires and tragic spikes ...
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Why Are Bacteria Like Lactobacillus Considered Healthy?

Lactobacillus, in spite of being a bacterium, is considered healthy for our body. Unlike some bacteria that can infect us ...
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coexisting with viruses

The Importance Of Coexisting With Viruses For Maintaining Health

From cancer killers and phage therapy to the drivers of the evolution of the human physiology, viruses have played a ...
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Think For Yourself in the Kitchen: Creative, Unusual and Healthy Recipes

This week, we've been discussing how important it is to think for yourself. And in that same spirit of independence, ...
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think for yourself

True Independence: How to Think For Yourself and Your Health

Do you think for yourself? Every day, we're bombarded with dietitians and nutritionists and doctors and other experts who tell ...
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Antiviral Soups

Antiviral Soups For the Whole Family

When you’re sick, nothing is more soothing than a comforting cup of soup. Take it up a notch with antiviral ...
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Oncolytic viruses

The Role Of Oncolytic Viruses In The Management And Prognosis Of Cancer Patients

Viruses are known for their highly infectious and aggressive nature. Some viruses can develop a pathogenic relationship with the host, ...
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benefits of viruses

The Benefits of Viruses: 4 Ways that Viruses Boost Our Immune System

There are more viruses on our planet than there are stars in the universe. That's according to a study published ...
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healthy microbiome

Eat Your Way to a Healthy Microbiome: 3 Delicious Recipes to Try Today

Your diet is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy microbiome. Many people focus solely on probiotics ...
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healthy microbiome

Caring For Your Bacteria: What to Do (And Not Do) For a Healthy Microbiome

There are more bacteria in your body than there are actual human cells, and these bacteria (your microbiome) play a ...
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