nutrient dense meals

3 Nutrient-Dense Meals Everyone Needs to Try

In our article earlier this week about natural health supplements, we discussed how many people need to take supplements because ...
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natural health supplements

Pillars of Self-Care #7: Natural Health Supplements

Do you take supplements? If so, you're one of the more than 86% of Americans who regularly take supplements. Yet ...
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3 Healthy Meals For a Day in Nature

Spending time in nature is an important pillar of self-care. Whether you're going on a hike or simply enjoying a ...
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spending time in nature

Pillars of Self-Care #6: Spending Time in Nature

A recent study found that most Americans are not spending time in nature. "Most adults recognized that exposure to nature ...
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healthy soul food

Healthy Soul Food to Try This Weekend

This week's focus on our Pillars of Self-Care series is the importance of caring for your spiritual health. Food can ...
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spiritual health

Pillars of Self-Care #5: Nurturing Your Spiritual Health

Spiritual health has nothing to do with religion, per se, although your religious practice can definitely be a part of ...
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health risks

Food For Prevention: Tasty Meals That Reduce Your Health Risks

This week, we've been discussing the importance of taking preventative and proactive measures to reduce your health risks. The ancient ...
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health risks

Pillars of Self-Care #4: Reducing Health Risks

The classic approach in Western medicine is to address symptoms of poor health when they arise. But true health comes ...
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nutritious meals

3 Easy and Nutritious Meals For a More Balanced Diet

As the research we shared earlier this week showed, most Americans don't eat a balanced diet but think they do. And, ...
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Pillars of Self-Care #3: Healthy Eating and Nutrition

Only 20% of American adults eat a well-balanced diet, warns the U.S. CDC. However, a recent survey by NPR found ...
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exercise recipes

Exercise Recipes: 3 Delicious Recipes for Exercise and Weight Loss

Earlier this week, we shared the second pillar of self-care: Investing in your fitness and self-care. According to the National ...
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exercise for self-care

Pillars of Self-Care #2: Exercise For Self-Care

Regular physical activity is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your physical and mental health. Yet ...
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mental health

Self-Care Recipes: Meals for Mental Health

Earlier this week, we discussed the pillars of self-care. Namely, the importance of mental health in self-care. Food can be ...
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mental health

Pillars of Self-Care #1: Mental Well-Being and Mental Health

When surveyed last year, 9 out of of 10 adults said they felt the United States was experiencing a major ...
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sugar free cheesecake

Sugar Free Cheesecake

We were so excited to find this recipe for sugar free cheesecake… is cheesecake one of those desserts you actual ...
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self care

The 7 Pillars of Self-Care (And Why They Matter)

Self-care is one of those buzzy, trendy words we hear a lot about at the start of the new year ...
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better mood

Delicious Recipes for a Better Mood

“You are what you eat,” they say. “You are what you think,” they also say. And the truth is both! ...
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Causes Of Mental Health Disorders

How Does a Dysfunctional Immune System Trigger The Causes Of Mental Health Disorders?

There has been a sharp rise in the incidence of mental health disorders like depression in the past few decades ...
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3 Recipes to Detox Your Body From Indoor Pollution

As we shared earlier this week, indoor air can become very polluted and toxic during the cold winter months when ...
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Impact Of Stale Indoor Air On The Immune System

Assessment Of The Impact Of Stale Indoor Air On The Immune System

Breathing in stale indoor air can affect human health in numerous ways. It can affect the functions of the respiratory ...
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