There are lots of different recipes out there showing ways of tweaking your morning coffee for a host of health benefits and our Anti-Inflammatory Coffee Drink includes another ingredient that makes it even better!

Your average boosted coffee, sometimes called bulletproof coffee, has health benefits that can range from weight loss, liver cleansing, brain function improvement and gut health benefits. This can be attributed to the properties of grass-fed butter, coconut oil and good quality organic coffee beans. Our recipe goes one step further, by adding turmeric, which also brings multiple additional benefits to our recipe and your morning routine!

There are too many health benefits to turmeric to even count, but perhaps the most outstanding one is the anti-inflammatory properties of the compound it contains, curcumin.

“Arguably, the most powerful aspect of curcumin is its ability to control inflammation. The journal Oncogene published the results of a study that evaluated several anti-inflammatory compounds and found that aspirin and ibuprofen are least effective, while curcumin is among the most effective anti-inflammatory compounds in the world.” Dr. Axe

The health conditions that could benefit from the natural anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric range far beyond what we immediately think of, which is usually joint and back pain. Turmeric also eases the inflammation in the body which could be at the route of dementia, depressions, bowel diseases, blood sugar issues, skin problems and even possibly cancer. Dr. Axe

Click here for the printable version of the recipe!

anti-inflammatory coffee coconutAnti-Inflammatory Coffee Recipe


1 cup of strong quality organic coffee
2 tbsp grass-fed butter
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp ground turmeric


Gently heat the butter and coconut oil on low heat and mix in the turmeric (the powder will best blend if worked in through the fat first). Remove from heat immediately when fats are almost melted (don’t overheat).

Brew your coffee and add to the mixture. Using an immersion blender (with a metal end and not plastic) blend the mixture to a frothy, lovely texture. If you don’t have an immersion blender, you may use a regular blender but take care with hot liquid.


Click here for the printable version of the recipe!

Source: Saving the Green

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