As you get older, it gets harder and harder to overcome the food habits you might have built up in our youth. Our digestive system and bodies are a bit more sensitive and don’t recover as quickly from a late-night temptation or an impromptu snack. Nourish your body with anti-aging food. Today, let’s turn back the hands of time and give yourself the perfect anti-aging nutrition with this collection of three delicious meals.

BREAKFAST: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie

This healthy smoothie tastes like rich chocolate milk, but with none of the guilt.

It tastes as decadent as a chocolate peanut butter cup, but this delightful morning shake hides a secret fact: It’s extremely high in fiber.

As we age and advance in years, our digestive system starts to gradually slow down. That’s in part because the lining of our gastrointestinal tract starts to get thicker. Not to get into too much detail that might spoil your appetite, but this, in turn, may cause constipation and other uncomfortable side effects. 

Start your day with a high-fiber, high-protein meal to enhance your digestion, keep things moving regularly, and ensure you feel light and not bloated all day long.

2 handfuls of ice cubes

1 scoop of your favorite chocolate-flavored protein powder

1 frozen banana

2 tsp raw organic cacao

1 tbsp almond butter or your favorite nut butter

1 tsp honey (ideally local and raw)

3 tbsp hemp hearts

1 tbsp psyllium husk fiber

2-3 drops of vanilla extract

Toss all the ingredients into a blender and blend until creamy. Enjoy!


LUNCH: Southwest-Inspired Vegan Tofu Scramble

Tofu is a great source of protein and calcium. Plus, it’s easy on the digestive system.

Your body needs extra calcium as you age to help protect your bone strength and prevent brittleness. While dairy is often the go-to choice for those of us wanting to boost our protein intake, too much dairy may cause digestive problems in older adults (and trigger inflammation, too). 

This plant-based lunch focuses on tofu. Tofu is a fermented product that makes it easier for you to digest. This anti-aging food is also high in both protein and calcium. But you won’t care about the nutritional value as soon as you take a bite of this simply savory dish.


8 oz extra-firm organic sprouted tofu

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil or the oil of your choice

1/2 red onion, julienned

1 bell pepper, diced

2 c kale, chopped

1 c of cooked quinoa


1/2 tsp each of salt, garlic powder, cumin, chili powder and turmeric

4-5 tbsp of warm or room-temperature water

Take the block of tofu, wrap it in a cloth or some paper towels, then press it between two plates (weigh the top plate down with a cookbook or a similarly heavy object). This squeezes the water out of the tofu, which makes it easier for the tofu to absorb different spices and flavors. 

While the tofu is getting pressed, whisk together the sauce ingredients. You may need to add a bit more water to get it to the consistency you like. Set the sauce aside. 

Heat up some oil in a big skillet, then add the veggies (with the exception of the kale) and the seasoning. Stir fry for five minutes or until the veggies are tender. Add the tofu and kale and cook for another three to four minutes.

To serve, add the tofu scramble to a bed of quinoa and drizzle with the sauce. Enjoy warm!


DINNER: Herring Linguine

anti-aging food

Make sure to choose whole-grain pasta for extra fiber!

Herring is one of the best sources of omega-3, and these healthy fats have numerous benefits for us as we get older. For example, a diet high in omega-3 can help reduce arthritis symptoms and boost your overall joint health. Omega-3 may also improve cognitive functioning and protect against aging-related vision problems.

This herring pasta is pleasing to the eyes and the palate. It’s quick to make, bursting with flavor, and the fresh herbs, spices and citrus juices awaken every single one of your senses.

1 17-oz package of dried linguine

3-4 tbsp of butter (or a plant-based butter substitute)

2 cloves of garlic, crushed

1 fresh red chili, chopped

Handful of fresh parsley, minced

1 tbsp baby capers

4 herring fillets (make sure they’re from certified sustainable areas, as herring is quickly becoming overfished)

6 cherry tomatoes, halved

Juice from one lemon

Boil a pot of water and cook the linguine according to its packaged instructions.

While the noodles cook, heat the butter in a big frying pan and saute the garlic, chili, capers and parsley. Cook for one minute or until fragrant, then add the herring fillets, tomatoes and lemon juice. 

Cook until the herring is cooked through and flakes easily, then add the cooked linguine (drained) and toss. Enjoy with a handful of optional parmesan cheese. 

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