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You may have noticed some changes taking place on our website recently and see that we now include information on boosting the immune systems of animals.

Our pets and performance animals play such large roles in our lives that we thought we would share tips on alternative health treatments and products for animals within our newly updated site!

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Launch of Horse Immune System Support

horse healthAs our origins are with Equine health; our co-founder Dr. Warren being the renowned racehorse veterinarian with over 54 years of service to such prestigious horses as 30+ year reigning Triple Crown winner, Affirmed; we are beginning with the addition of Equine Health information and products.

We are especially excited about our new Thymic Protein Supplement for horses – BioEqualizer. It has the same incredible effects on horse immune system health as our human version, BioPro-Plus, in regulating a horse’s immune function to help overcome infection, accelerate healing after injury or surgery, prevent illness during travel, overcome the effects of daily stress and improve general health and temperament.

Dr. Warren has used BioEqualizer on the horses in his care for the past 15 years and he and co-founder, Mike Warren, are excited to share it with other horse owners.

We will soon be adding BioEqualizer for sale on our site, so please check back soon. In the meantime, if there is a horse in your life, we hope you enjoy our articles, videos and tips about horse health. To be notified the minute BioEqualizer is available and to receive our articles in your email, subscribe to our animal health mailing list by clicking here.

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Dog & Cat Immune System Support Coming Soon

dog healthThe launch of BioEqualizer will then be followed by the addition of tips, videos and Thymic Protein supplements for our more furry friends, dogs and cats.

Dog and cat immune health is often compromised by modern environmental factors and poor diet. President Mike Warren has seen his own aging dog with several tumors behave like a puppy again and greatly outlive expectations after giving him Thymic Protein Supplements.

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Until then, be well!

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