Hey everyone! I’m so excited today because I have 5 of the most amazing sites in this issue with alternative home remedies – Enjoy!

Alternative home remedies can be life savers….literally! Some home remedies have stood the test of time and have also been verified by modern science. Alternative therapies and treatments like naturopathy, herbal treatments, yoga, meditation, acupuncture and many other complementary and holistic treatment options have helped millions of people around the world.


1. Natural Home Remedies for Life:

herbal medicine Natural Home Remedies for Life is the result of the efforts of two individuals, Orit and Patrick and their love for nature and natural things. This site focuses on home remedies for natural beauty, hair care, skin care, first aid, natural home remedies and natural news which everyone will find useful and relevant.

Articles we like from Natural Home Remedies for Life:


2. All Remedies:

All Remedies is a really helpful site for finding useful information and health tips and advice on natural home remedies. This site includes topics like skin care, herbal remedies, nutrition and “How To.”  

Articles we like from All Remedies:


alternative home remedies

3. Natural Remedies and Treatments:

Natural Remedies and Treatments bring a lot of information on natural home remedies to help readers to make educated choices. They cover a wide variety of articles and home remedies for some of the most common health conditions arranged in alphabetical order.

Articles we like from Natural Remedies and Treatments:


4. Effective Remedies:

Effective Remedies provide natural treatments and useful tips and advice for readers. It addresses a lot of everyday life problems related to health and beauty, including hair, skin, etc.

Articles we like from Effective Remedies:


alternative home remedies5. Natural Alternative Remedy:

Natural Alternative Remedy is a great place for finding tons of useful articles and resources related to natural home remedies. This site allows you to navigate easily through their top menu and find home remedies, herbs, essential oils, supplements and more for your health and happiness.

Articles we like from Natural Alternative Remedy:


As always, if you’re unsure about dosage or any contraindications with natural treatments, consult your Naturopathic Doctor, Homeopath or other natural practitioners.

That was all for this week. Hope you enjoyed our selections! Also, make sure to check out our previous issues with equally informative sites. We’ll be back next week with another collection of 5 amazing alternative health sites. Until next time, stay well and stay healthy!

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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