Welcome to another issue of 5 alternative health sites from trusted sources. This is going to be another awesome collection of alternative health sites.  

Hello and welcome everyone! As you may already know that we post blogs every week that bring you authentic information on holistic and alternative health. This issue is going to be another information powerhouse for those who are looking for great articles and resources on holistic and alternative health. Here we have 5 sites and selected articles with useful alternative health information that anyone can benefit from.

1. American Holistic Health Association (AHHA):

flowerThe American Holistic Health Association is a huge national resource for connecting people with vital alternative and holistic solutions. This association advocates better health and a higher level of wellbeing through natural and holistic health practices. You’ll find a wide variety of resources on this website to better inform and educate you on holistic alternative health solutions.

Articles we like from the American Holistic Health Association (AHHA)


2. Earth Clinic:

Earth Clinic was founded by Deirdre Layne. Based in Southern California, she is an expert in Energy Medicine and natural remedies. Earth Clinic is one of the top ranking sites for finding solutions and resources on Alternative and Integrative Medicine. One ofthe most amazing features of this site is that it covers a list of remedies for ailments in alphabetical order for you and also for your pets.

Articles we like from Earth Clinic:


3. Online Holistic Health:

Online Holistic Health was created to provide reliable information on natural, alternative and holistic healthcare. The founders of this online resource center believe that it’s necessary to bring awareness to the public. Moreover, they provide individuals with the information and tools necessary to stay healthy as an alternative to our current healthcare systems – “which focuses on prescription drug “disease-care” rather than real preventative care

Articles we like from Online Holistic Health:


naturopath medicine


4. Holistic.Com

Holistic.Com was founded by David Lazaroff for those who are looking to lead a vibrant lifestyle through holistic approaches to health.  It is a one-stop source for a lot of holistic related resources. It has a business directory for holistic health and many health tips and articles.

Articles we like from Holistic.Com


5. SelfGrowth.com

ginger lemonSelfGrowth.com is a privately held website that is packed with resource for Self Improvement and Personal Growth.This site has a community of health professionals, practitioners and website owners, who are also enthusiastic about natural health and passionate about improving the lives others.

Articles we like from SelfGrowth.com


So, that’s all folks for this issue, hope you enjoyed our collection this week. If you found these sites valuable, please put down a few words in the comment box below. Remember to come back next week for our next issue, and don’t forget to tell your friends about us.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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