Running through our schedules today, we have been brought to the verge of a global epidemic. Health problems have become a part of our day, because we do not pay heed to our human selves. We have confused ourselves with self-sustaining machines and that is why the global health & fitness graph seems to be going down.

Here are a few ways to try to maintain your health while following a busy schedule:

1) You’re only human

Do not push past your human limitations. You’ll falter in all your daily goals if you don’t rest sufficiently. There is always so much that you CAN do, and to exceed that is putting your health at risk.

Rest. Give yourself breaks in-between work and all your daily activities. Put an adequate leisure period in your daily schedule.

2) Eat healthy:

super foodIf take-aways and dine outs are totally necessary considering your schedule, avoid junk food, fried edibles and processed meat, unhealthy fizzy drinks and excess sugar. Although it’s best to eat clean, healthy home made organic food, if it is inevitable, at least be honest to yourself and eat healthy outside your home.

3) Mild Exercise:

If a proper gym routine is not possible, try to fit in mild exercises to keep a healthy heart, such as walking short distances instead of driving or taking the bus and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

This could keep your blood pressure in check and walks are also extremely therapeutic. You can multitask while you walk, like make that important call, or listen to your academic lecture, so it’s not wasting your work hours entirely.

4) Take it easy

Avoid stress. Stress is everything that is wrong with the world these days. Avoid stressful thinking and stay away from pessimism. Giving an optimistic approach to matters is not only healthy; it is also a much more productive way of figuring out better solutions to your problems.

5) Sleep

Make a schedule and put in sufficient sleeping hours. Sleeplessness destroys your brain functions, causes blood pressure imbalances and fatigue that’s both muscular and psychological.  So sleep an ample amount of hours at night, or at the right times, to keep your mind and body functioning at prime levels.

6) Avoid Unhealthy stress relieving tactics:

sleepSmoking, excessive caffeine; coffee, tea and other health adversaries, destroy your immune system, digestion, blood flow, processing capabilities and create temper issues, insomnia, fatigue and a thousand other health issues. Stop or avoid smoking as much as you can, especially during stressful work. You don’t need it. Your mind is playing tricks on you. It does not resolve anything at all!

7) Keep tabs on your vitals:

Keep a regular check on your vitals; blood pressure, blood sugar, platelet count (once in a while) and even if you do not deem it necessary, get a proper blood test done every few months to avoid any complications and do not let go of any seemingly little anomaly that may appear. Consult your physician immediately.

So to sum up, follow these healthy habits and make them part of your lifestyle.  A healthy lifestyle will go a long way in keeping your health at an optimal level.  Eat healthy, eat on time, sleep, and give yourself a break!

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Source: Institute of Ecolonomics

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