Wonder how metabolism works? Would you like some easy tips to help boost your metabolism all day?

You might have noticed that some people can eat whatever they want and still stay slim while others eat very cautiously and still gain weight? It’s because of the differences in metabolism.

Metabolism in the human body is the amount of energy (calories) required by our body to maintain your health and bodily functions properly.

Metabolism is a constant process that our bodies go through. According to Rochelle Goldsmith, PhD, director of the Exercise Physiology Lab at Columbia University Medical Center, we use about 70% of those calories for basic functions, such as blood circulation and breathing. We use another 20% when we workout, walk or even when we hold our bodies upright. The remaining 10% is used in food digestion.

We tend to store calories in the form of fat when we consume more calories than what we need. Genetics and lifestyle also play important roles when it comes to metabolizing our food.

Getting rid of a sedentary lifestyle is essential to boosting your metabolism, but getting moving is a seemingly difficult task. Don’t worry, it is aided greatly by a few supercharging tactics.

Boost Your Metabolism with These 7 Simple Tricks:

1. Workout more Frequently

workoutWorking out more frequently and regularly could be the number one method to crank up your natural fat burning process. It’s important to remember that the higher the ratio of lean muscle  to body fat you have, the easier it will be to burn fat and get rid of  extra calories from your body all day. The reason for this is because our muscles use up energy even when you’re resting. Exercising regularly would burn fat, build more muscles and help you boost metabolism naturally.

2. Kick Start your Heart

By combining cardio exercises and aerobics with muscle building, weight training exercises, you will be able to maximize your fat burns. Mixing your workout with aerobics will also keep your metabolic rate higher than a steady-pace routine.

3. Put  Your Muscles to work

Too many people, especially women, fear weight training exercises, thinking they’ll bulk up. Some fear that weight training would give them a muscular, ripped look, which they don’t want. However, weight training is the fastest way to boost your medicationmetabolism. With a suitable and balanced weight training routine, you are able to tone and strengthen all your muscle groups. It’s also the fastest way to get rid of fat and burn more calories.

4. Check your Medication

Some medication that you might be taking can interfere with your metabolism rate and cause it to dip. Some of the widely prescribed antidepressants and birth control pills may slow down your metabolism because they tend to affect your thyroid gland functions.

5. Eat Smart Foods to Boost your Metabolism

Don’t just eat to get full, but get full with smart foods. Eating high protein, low calorie foods is often recommended by dietitians for fast muscle gain and weight loss. You also burn more calories when you digest high protein foods. Low-fat yogurt, lean chicken and salmon are excellent sources of nutrition packed rich proteins. Between meals, snack on protein-rich walnuts.

6. Eat Breakfast

breakfastBreakfast is the most important meal of the day because it has the power to switch your metabolism to full speed. Just before you get up in the morning, your cortisol level, a  hormone that helps you use calories to build muscle, is highest so when you eat breakfast, your body turns those calories into muscle quickly.

7. Get a good night’s Sleep

Yes, you can actually  boost your metabolism while you sleep.  Recent studies show that getting a good night’s sleep will actually help you boost your metabolism. Sleep well and turn down the thermostat; but don’t let it stop you from getting your daily workout!  

Hope these tips will help you to boost your metabolism and achieve a leaner and healthier physique. To boost your immune system naturally, you’ll need a natural supplement in addition to healthy diet and exercise. Checkout Bio-Pro Plus, a bioidentical, natural supplement that boosts your immune system naturally. For more information on health and fitness, read  our blogs regularly.  

Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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