In the chilly winter season, nothing can bring you down more than having to fight congestion or catching a cold. Here are some basic ways to boost your immune system, keep yourself toasty, and enjoy the best season of them all, instead of letting it bring you down!

1. Warm Drinks

Keep up your plain water intake – winter relates to the Chinese water element after all – but try drinking warm water instead of cold. Also add in warming drinks such as ginger tea, and hot almond milk with cinnamon, nutmeg and turmeric. These hot drinks will keep you hydrated  and warm during the winter. Lack of hydration will increase the risk of kidney stones, cause fatigue and age you faster.  

2. Warm Diet

hot dietThis surely is the season for soups and casseroles; they seem to create a lasting glow from your tummy to your toes.

Chestnuts, pistachios, lamb, ginger, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, rosemary, sage and garlic are all among a group of foods considered in Chinese medicine to be “Yang tonics” and  therefore have a warming effect.

So, how about a lamb and rosemary casserole with garlic and vegetables, or chestnuts and vegetables baked with a crunchy pistachio topping… how great do these sound?! These are  great combinations of natural immune boosting superfoods.

3. Keeping Your Body Warm

Winter relates to the water element, which relates to your kidneys, bladder, brain and bones. Your kidneys and whole lower back should be kept warm, so wear a vest, wrap a scarf round you or get yourself a heavier coat for the holidays!

There is a major kidney point on the underside of your feet, so keep that area warm too with wooly socks or a hot water bottle at the sole of your feet.

4. Boost your Immune System Staying Active!

boost immune systemYes, winter is indeed a time for curling up by the fire, but you don’t want to completely stagnate. Gentle daily exercise will help keep your blood and lymph nodes moving, which is important for the flow of nutrients and hormones around your body. This helps with healing wounds, the natural detoxification processes and so much more.

So include regular walks, yoga, dance – any and all exercise that gets your heart pumping without depleting your energy and resources.

5. Languish in A Warm Bath

Hydrating, warming, relaxing and luxuriating – what more could you want?

Add ginger, cinnamon or cardamom oil to make it extra warming, as well as candlelight and relaxing music.

Add some seaweed for a kidney nourishing bath that’s fantastic for the skin.

Add Epsom salts to help your muscles relax. Epsom salts also provide both magnesium and sulphate, which help your body make many of your detoxification enzymes.

6. Getting Used To It

fight coldAcclimatize yourself with the ever-lowering temperature. Don’t stay indoors for too long, or deprive your body of the chance to register the temperature change.

The mechanism through which this reset happens is not entirely understood, but a type of body fat called “brown” fat may play a role. Unlike regular “white” body fat that stores extra calories, “brown” fat actually consumes calories, and releases the energy as heat.

Thank you for reading and we hope you stay warm and healthy this winter season!

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Don’t forget, supplementation is important for all of us, to maintain optimal health  at any age. We just can’t get all we need from food and a healthy lifestyle alone. Be sure to take a daily real-food multivitamin, omega-3 supplement and an immune system support supplement.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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