Caught up in the blizzard of 21st century stresses, most of us have experienced chronic headaches or even permanent migraine ailments, frequently through our days and nights. When migraines take hold, they can be totally debilitating.

To alleviate migraine pains and other types of headaches, here are some easy and domestic methods.

1. Buckwheat:

Buckwheat contains a flavonoid extract which is called Rutin. Falvonoids are phytochemicals which are found in plants, and have been shown to contain miraculous antioxidant properties, which counteract damage to cells. Also, researchers from Taiwan have shown its effects in reducing inflammation, which is a common cause of headaches.

2. Diet Control:

migraineDiet control is always a major remedy to every ailment in the world. Avoiding/reducing the use of certain food items and products can prevent/treat your frequent headache problems.

Foods to avoid are chocolates, peanut butter, certain fruits such as banana, avocado, and citrus fruits. Also onions, meat with nitrates such as hot dogs and bacon, gluten products (which is an extensive list itself) and foods containing tyramine (amino acid found in red wine), should be avoided or reduced in intake.

You should also keep track of the fermented and pickled products that you consume in order to steer clear of headaches and migraines.

3. The Amazing Lavender Oil:

Not only does lavender smell great, it’s also a great treatment for migraines and headaches. Lavender oil can be either be applied topically or inhaled to soothe migraine pain.

The method:

Two to four drops should be added for every two to three cups of boiling water and the vapors should be inhaled with minimum interfering air.

Unlike many medicinal oils, this home remedy can be safely applied externally without the need to dilute it! Note: Lavender oil should NOT be taken orally.

4. Do It Yourself! (DIY Scalp Massage)

Do-it-yourself scalp massages are an immensely effective way to take care of migraine pain, and on top of that, they feel amazing!

Researchers in Brazil showed that massaging the greater occipital nerve; the area at the base of the skull in the back of the head, reduces migraine pain to a great extent. Massage in general has been classified as a useful home remedy for headaches, specifically reflexology (massaging reflex points on the feet and hands).

5. Basil Oil:

The popular pizza topping not only has a strong scent and amazing taste, it has also been classified as an effective remedy for headaches (the oil extracted from it, not the seed itself). Basil oil works its way through as a muscle relaxant and is a great cure for tension in the muscles and stress induced headaches and muscular fatigue.

6. Feverfew:

stopwatch-73399_640As the name suggests, this fascinating little herb is used to treat fevers. But its uses extend to being a headache cure, as well.

A study conducted in the 80’s showed that feverfew had its uses in the headache department when 70 percent of the study-participants had less migraine pain after taking feverfew on a daily basis. In addition to that, if it is taken with white willow, which  contains properties similar to that of aspirin, its migraine relieving properties are further enhanced.

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If you struggle to maintain health with diet and lifestyle alone, you will want to consider supplementation. Healthy foods and lifestyle are very powerful, but especially when you already suffer from an ailment, a stronger treatment is often necessary.

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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