Holistic health is now becoming an important part of healthcare today. More than 40% of people now seek some kind of holistic  treatment method.

Hello everyone, welcome to another issue of our alternative health sites from trusted sources. Holistic methods and alternative methods of treatment are gaining popularity around the world today. More and more people are convinced that it’s not enough to only address symptoms of diseases, but rather, it’s important to treat the body as a whole.


5 Alternative Health Sites from Trusted Sources:

Here we have 5 alternative sites that we have compiled by researching many holistic health sites. These sites contain valuable information on holistic methods and natural healing processes.


1. Natural Medicine:

health foodNatural Medicine operates on selling natural remedies and treatments, with their products, blogs, and resources. It has a news article section that posts details on recent studies in medicine. It also has tons of information on home remedies and health tips on several health conditions.

Articles we like from Natural Medicine:


2. Green Med Info:

 Green Med Info is a very popular online natural medicine portal. Their goals are to make research based information available to the general population. This site includes articles and information on natural medicines that you will really benefit from.

Articles we like from Green Med Info:


3. Holistic Butterfly Studio:

Holistic Butterfly Studio is owned by Beverly Bates. She is a certified yoga and dance instructor as well as a nutritionist. She also obtained a certificate in Reiki and massage therapy. She adds information to her website based on her comprehensive knowledge and experience.

Articles we like from  Holistic Butterfly Studio:



4. Empower Her:

Empower Her has resources to help women live happy and healthy lives. Their community helps to connect people with experts so that they can get reliable help. This is an informative site with news, articles and tips from doctors, and professionals in the holistic fields.

Articles we like from Empower Her:


5.  Natural Holistic Health:

outdoorsNatural Holistic Health is another website with great information to help you on your journey to holistic health. Their health articles cover information on natural ways to weight loss, diet & nutrition, and stress & anxiety. You’ll also find healthy recipes and self-improvement articles here.

Articles we like from Natural Holistic Health:


We hope you enjoyed our collection this week. These are some of the sites containing valuable information on natural health. Just visit some of these sites and I’m sure you’ll love the information available.

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