We are very excited to have published our 25th issue of the 5 Alternative Health Sites from Trusted Sources. This is going to be a special issue that has 5 sites and some of the best articles on holistic health available on the internet!

Hello everyone, welcome to our 25th issue of the 5 Alternative Health Sites from Trusted Sources. We post these articles every week to bring forward five sites from the alternative health realm for our readers. In this issue, we have put together 5 of the best holistic health sites and 3 selected articles from each site for you to enjoy!


1. American Holistic Health Association:

American Holistic Health Association is a nonprofit organization and also a reliable source for finding information about holistic health. They offer free and impartial resources supported by many contributors.

Articles we like from the American Holistic Health Association:


2. New Holistic Living:

New Holistic Living is a great website that offers a way to achieve happiness and balance in your life. It has information to improve all areas of your life, in health, relationships, finances, and spirituality.

Articles we like from the New Holistic Living:


3. Simply Holistic Living:

Simply Holistic Living is owned by Stephanie Ann Newton. She used to be a pharmaceutical sales representative but turned into a holistic junkie after she and her children were healed by using homeopathic medicines. Learn about her fascinating stories and other empowering articles on this site.

Articles we like from Simply Holistic:


4. MT Holistic Living:

MT Holistic Living is a site put together by Melinda Turner, a holistic health coach for women of all ages. She teaches women how to live the life they love to the fullest by fueling the body with everything it needs.

Articles we like from the MT Holistic Living:


5. Awakening Wellness:

aroma therapyAwakening Wellness provides holistic services and resources to help you awaken to your best self. Their services include yoga, massage therapy, lifestyle coaching and meditation that will help you ease your pain and achieve mental, physical and spiritual health.   

Articles we like from Awakening Wellness:


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Source: Alternative Health Concepts   


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